Thank you all that help maintain the RP Server!

Inclusion Gaming has a GTA 5 RP server that IG members can enjoy, however slots are limited at this time. Join the Discord and sign up for your chance to join in on the fun of role playing with fun individuals. As we grow and the server grows space and scripts will be added to enhance the role playing experience. On the server you can be almost anyone, jobs and task can be done to build your own path on the server as well interacting with people to build story line that can take twists that play out like movies or television shows. Streaming is encouraged but not mandatory. Even if you do not currently have a pc or laptop that can run GTA 5 we do have jobs that you can play while watching your favorite streamer. Doing these jobs will give you a guarantee slot if and when you attain a laptop or PC that can run the game. Thank you foe everyone's support and hope you enjoy the server as much as we enjoyed bringing you a server to play or interact with.

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Mods that are in progress of adding:
  • Personal Vehicles
  • Property Script
  • Server Space
  • Tattoo/Masks/hairstyles
Donations that have helped
  • Gendred - $50
  • HandmadePrism - $15
  • Tyconderoga - $10
  • Carpathice - $20
  • Smoketfireman - $100

* scripts are currently being added and edited, if you see a bug while on server please report it to the gta-bugs channel in the IG discord here - you can open a ticket by typeing - ticket open (problem/bug you've encountered)

Rules & Regulations

You can view/read the rules for our GTA RP server here


All donations are final. Due to the nature of FiveM scripts, some scripts may not work after updates or lack of maintenance from script developer. Therefore no refund will be issued. If you donate towards a script or server maintenance (storage space, player count, etc.) and want to remain anonymous please send a message with donation. Donation amount will not be displayed for privacy reasons. Thank you, IG staff